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Audit and Assurance

We provides independent assurance service including financial statement audit and other type of assurance services which provide credibility to your financial record that today's stakeholders and other users demand.  

Audit and Assurance

Our professional team obtained years of auditing experience from international Big 4 accountancy firm. This equip us with knowledge from various industries.


Our audit services not only comply with the auditing standards and taxation requirement (Prepare the audit report which signed by CPA (Practising) according to law), during the audit process, we will also provide our professional advices to increase clients’ revenue and competitive landscape.


We provide the below auditing services:

  • Statutory annual audit (prepare the audit report and signed by our CPA (Practising)

  • Regulated activities audit

  • Corporation internal audit

  • Court case professional investigation opinion

  • Other special audit and investigation

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