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Secretarial Service

We help our clients deal with registration, maintenance, administration and corporate governance matters concerning their corporate entities.

Secretarial Service

The Company Ordinance requires that companies registered in Hong Kong must have a Company Secretary.  Companies required a qualified Company Secretary to be listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.


The duties of Company Secretary are generally wide in scope and may range from administrative duties such as personnel management and the maintenance of company accountants and registers, to duties as diverse as ensuring that the company complies with regulation or advising the directors on good corporate governance practice.


To facilitate your business to comply with the regulation of Hong Kong Company Ordinance, we provide professional Company Secretary services covering the following areas:


  • Formation and registration of companies

  • Maintenance of companies’ statutory books and records

  • Administration of company board and general meetings

  • Provision of services for changing directors, shareholders and company secretary

  • Share administration including issues and transfer of shares

  • Company restructure exercise

  • Liquidation and reregistration of  companies

  • Preparation of other relevant documents for reporting to the Companies Registry

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