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Tax Advisory

We provide client effective tax planning advice within the boundary of the Inland Revenue Ordinance in Hong Kong

Tax Advisory

Tax expenses is an indispensable factor of any business transactions and investment decision. An effective and legitimate tax planning would lead to tax saving as well as improvement of cash flow.  

We are specialized and experienced in taxation. Based on the understanding of the business and specific requirement of client, our specialist would provide advice on effective tax planning.

As a tax representative of client, our services include:

  • Assist client in preparing tax computation and tax return

  • Provide effective and legitimate corporate and personal tax planning and consultation

  • Provide support during tax investigation and field audit

  • Handling correspondence with Inland Revenue Department

  • Handling other tax issues

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93-103 Wing Lok Street​​, 


Hong Kong

Email:       info@lk-acct.com

Website:   www.lk-acct.com

Hotline:    (852) 2326 6186



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